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Welcome to textcontest!
This is a kind of lims community revolving around the wonderful art of typography and text icons!

1. What does this mean, "kind of" a LIMS community?
- LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing challenge. In those kinds of contests, every week one or more icon makers will be voted off, so that in the end one remains the Last Icon Maker Standing. In this challenge no one gets voted off, instead all the signed up members have the possibilty to earn points each round, based on the votes, and in the end the person with the most points will be the winner.
2. I can't make icons but I still want to join, am I allowed?
- Yes, feel free to just watch the community and vote.
3. Can I use a skip if I don't like/can't enter a challenge?
- You can skip any challenge you want, just keep in mind that you don't get any points if you sit out a challenge, which means it will be difficult to win a round.
- in order to take part in any challenges here you have to join and friend the community.

- before you can submit an entry to a challenge you have to sign up for the current round. Sign ups will be announced about a week before the first challenge of a round starts.

- a round will last for 10 challenges

- the icon has to meet LJ standards, i.e. no bigger than 100x100px and 40kb, allowed format are .png, .jpg, .gif

- the icon you enter has to be new and made by you

- do not post or use your icon anywhere before the challenge is over, i.e. the results have been announced

- text, brushes, textures, blending, animations etc. are allowed unless stated otherwise

- in the voting, do not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you

more information: point system, challenge types
all graphics by seldomspeaking